HVAC Automation

HVAC, short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is an indispensable part of our daily lives. It gives you a comfortable feeling indoors regardless of the weather outside. Automating this process is what we are best at.

You are in control
with our HVAC System

Controlling HVAC on a ship is a different matter. We have been providing marine HVAC automation solutions for decades. Therefore, we can say that marine HVAC automation is our specialty. In other words, marine HVAC control is in our DNA.

For new builds and refits

Gooiland Elektro has extensive experience in HVAC automation for both new-build vessels and retrofits. Together we will deliver, install and maintain the best available solution. We can offer you the fastest, smartest, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

There are many new technologies available on the market. An example of this is the use of smart sensors. Many of the new technologies are ready to implement in your existing HVAC system. We can best advise you in this.

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An industrial IP-based network completely developed in-house to meet the needs for seamless integration of HVAC sensors and control components. GESmart does more, so you can do less.

Industrial Internet of Things empowers your system to benefit from smart maintenance and energy efficient systems, yet still ensuring industrial performance and secure connectivity.

Collect data from your systems and use machine learning models to analyze and present your systems’ performance on a central portal, and let these models optimize your systems in real-time.