Machine Controls

Faster, smarter, more sustainable, more efficient and cost-effective production: you can achieve this with industrial automation solutions that Gooiland Elektro applies to your processes. We develop software, hardware and panel construction and design installations to achieve those goals.

You are in control
with our Machine Controls

When someone optimizes your processes, prior knowledge of the industry is a must. We know the laws and regulations, interests, hygiene guidelines and other matters that are important for your sector. We have been active in various industries for years.

Why choose for Gooiland Elektro

  • Long term solution
  • Programming in house
  • Focused on data and analytics
  • Think along the right fit

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An industrial IP-based network completely developed in-house to meet the needs for seamless integration of HVAC sensors and control components. GESmart does more, so you can do less.

Industrial Internet of Things empowers your system to benefit from smart maintenance and energy efficient systems, yet still ensuring industrial performance and secure connectivity.

Collect data from your systems and use machine learning models to analyze and present your systems’ performance on a central portal, and let these models optimize your systems in real-time.