With extensive experience as an electrotechnical installer in diverse sectors, Gooiland Elektro is able to carry out every project perfectly from engineering to installation and commissioning.

Perfect system integration

Our team of hardware and software engineers closely collaborates to ensure you of the best automation solution for your project, entirely according to your wishes and specifications and complying with requirements and regulations.

Synergy from the first design

Operating systems need both hardware and software to be able to function. After the preferences of the client have been inventoried and the specifications that the system must meet have been established, the hardware engineers start making the operating drawings and electrotechnical design, with the help of software like Eplan P8, Pro Panel, SolidWorks and ElektroCad. Our software engineers design and tests the software that is needed to operate the electrotechnical system.


Gooiland Elektro has a broad experience and proven track record in the superyacht industry. But we also provide solutions for land-based, maritime and offshore projects. As we deliver fully customized work, we can handle any project in any segment.

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