Panels and switch boxes, together with the software, form the operating technology that runs a machine or installation. Due to the diversity of client preferences and diverse requirements, the systems to be operated are becoming increasingly complex. It requires a great deal of specialized knowledge to build the right panels for these systems.


Gooiland Elektro has 30 years of panel building experience, and this shows off in the best panel quality and well-thought design there is. For the control panel we only select industrial A-grade components. Every panel and switch box is built in our own shop by our own specialists, entirely according to the requirements of the client and relevant norms and regulations. Factors like dust, humidity, vibrations, explosions and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) are taken into account in the design.

Quality & Testing

We believe that the hardware in our systems should not compromise on quality. Every single panel is thoroughly tested before it leaves our workshop. With process monitoring, periodic checks, internal final check and factory deliveries, we ensure that our products meet all requirements. Our customers deserve an extremely reliable system.


Gooiland Elektro has a broad experience and proven track record in the superyacht industry. But we also provide solutions for land-based, maritime and offshore projects. As we deliver fully customized work, we can handle any project in any segment.

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