Pro Professional

The SCADA Pro-version is a standardized application that comes with those pages that match the available systems, and gives you access to its main functions. Switch easily between the available systems via the clear menu. All assets are displayed in a well-arranged overview.


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You are in control
with Pro

  • Trend datalogging
  • ECO mode
  • Chiller monitoring
  • Individual monitoring of dampers
  • Control of engine room fans


  • Adjust temperature setpoint
  • Readout on cooling, heating and pressure
  • Adjust fan capacity setpoint
  • Readout on cooling and heating capacity for a specific cabin
  • Quick overview that shows present and past temperature readouts
  • List of all the fans connected to this AC system including current capacity
  • Access current alarms
  • Present and past temperature readouts for multiple air sensors

Chiller Unit

  • A quick overview shows present and past water
    temperature readouts
  • Indicates the actual control water temperature and the regulation output
  • Quick overview of compressor and cooling pump stage outputs
  • Actual capacity for chilled water pumps
  • Actual capacity for compressor/pump

Damper Overview

  • Shows which release inputs from safety systems are active for each zone
  • Status overview of all dampers
  • Shows which release ouputs to the AC systems are active for each zone
  • Navigation menu for different HVAC assets

The future

The software behind SCADA is still advancing, with every iteration becoming smarter and offering more possibilities, like making suggestions on how to solve an alarm or schedule maintenance stops and spare part replacements. Such a self-diagnosing system enhances the ease of operation for the installation.

The internet of things (IoT) is also opening up new possibilities. Instead of monitoring the HVAC system of one vessel, you can control the systems of an entire fleet from a centralized control centre on shore. This does of course mean more level 0 devices will need to be placed and wired.

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With every system you are ensured of easy configuration and an intuitive user interface.

Switch seamlessly between cabin parameters and chiller readouts.