SCADA Systems

SCADA is short for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. This is a software layer designed to centrally control and acquire data from all assets within the HVAC system. It gives you full access to all the systems functions from one centralized computer or even a web application.

You are in control
with our SCADA System

Our HVAC control SCADA platforms come in four variants:
Pro-version, Px-version, CPx-version and HPx-version.
Whichever you choose, from the solid Pro version to the fully customizable HPx version, with every product you are ensured of easy configuration and an intuitive user interface. Switch seamlessly between cabin parameters and chiller readouts.

Our systems


A standardized application that comes with those pages that match the available systems, and gives you access to its main functions. Switch easily between the available systems via the clear menu.

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Visually advanced with an eye for detail and more sophisticated options available. Everything that is connected to an AC system is just a mouse click away.

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The ultimate edition on all levels. From stunning 3D graphics with animated components such as turning fans and glowing heaters to the most advanced options available.

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Our customers


An industrial IP-based network completely developed in-house to meet the needs for seamless integration of HVAC sensors and control components. GESmart does more, so you can do less.

Industrial Internet of Things empowers your system to benefit from smart maintenance and energy efficient systems, yet still ensuring industrial performance and secure connectivity.

Collect data from your systems and use machine learning models to analyze and present your systems’ performance on a central portal, and let these models optimize your systems in real-time.