Px Performance

The Px-version is visually advanced with an eye for detail and has more sophisticated options available. Everything that is connected to an AC system is just a mouse click away. From room temperatures to dampers and connected fans.


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You are in control
with Px Performance

  • Static 2D graphics
  • Live trend data (3 months)
  • Deck & Dampers
  • Manual Control
  • Overview


  • 2D model of AC unit
  • Manage all dampers connected to AC unit
  • Night/eco mode
  • Switch AC mode and control setpoint
  • See which alarms are active
  • AC component control
  • Access to UV light control

Rooms overview

  • Rooms sorted by deck
  • Information of heating, cooling, capacity and setpoint temperature
  • Indicates if the room has an alarm active

Chiller system

  • 2D model of chiller unit
  • Status readouts on chilled water pumps
  • Control power management function
  • Detailed readout on all compressor values and running hours

Deck overview

  • All fan coil positions in one overview
  • Quick status display of fan coils. Can be clicked for more details

The future

The software behind SCADA is still advancing, with every iteration becoming smarter and offering more possibilities, like making suggestions on how to solve an alarm or schedule maintenance stops and spare part replacements. Such a self-diagnosing system enhances the ease of operation for the installation.

The internet of things (IoT) is also opening up new possibilities. Instead of monitoring the HVAC system of one vessel, you can control the systems of an entire fleet from a centralized control centre on shore. This does of course mean more level 0 devices will need to be placed and wired.

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With every system you are ensured of easy configuration and an intuitive user interface.

Switch seamlessly between cabin parameters and chiller readouts.